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Operation Repo
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want to write to us?!


send to 233 n. maclay ave

san fernando ca 91340

you can write to whoever you want here at operation repo. mail checked by yours truly. We all here at Operation repo look forward to hearing from you.


179 Responses to “want to write to us?!”

  1. texas texas says:

    froy acholo sonia funny matt insane but in a good way big lu aka wide low keeps things goin and his daughter love her you guys keep me occupied tryna catch up love the shows keep matt with a job its the best family and job he has i saw you guys on rehab that was nice

  2. texas texas says:

    by the way ilove froy hes so adorable and matt hot head makes sure no one gets hurt and lynday keeps the sweetness n lu jus a good buisness n cool guy it was funny when you guys threw that guy at the burger joint in the dumpster

  3. Bertha says:

    I have not written a site before – here is my contribution. “Operation Repo” you ROCK!

    Matt . . .
    Froy . . . I love your Mexican pride!
    Sonia . . . My eldest daughter loves tattoos and piercings and your feistyness.
    Lyndah . . . My daughters are tough like you. I love it!
    Lou . . . You are HOT!!! (With all due respect Lyndah, but your dad is hot.)

    Keep the entertainment coming latinos. You are a great break from my daily routine.

  4. CECE says:

    Froy you could come repo my car anytime!!! Sonia, why did you let him go!!!??
    Great show!!

  5. Deputy Sheriff says:

    Hey Guys(and Girls),

    I just watched an episode where one of your team members were cross contaminated while using OC spray(pepper).

    Theres an excellent product out now made by Sabre Red, heres the link:

    I realize this may not be posted to the general public and that’s fine I just wanted to bring it to your attention. I know its available to us(police) but I’m not sure if its for the public. It works amazing in seconds the pain and irratiation is gone.

    Good Luck on the Streets!
    Stay safe.

    Deputy Sheriff B. Haines

  6. daniel says:

    just wanted to say you all are awesome would like to buy some posters and t-shirts like to know were to get them my boss is a fan also from louisville,ky lyndah you are hot.take care all.

  7. ERIKA says:


  8. amber lynn says:

    Hey guys i love your show. I watch it every week. Froy i think your i think your HOTT as hell. I love your smile! Lou your the best ever. Love that your a family man and that you dont take shit from nobody. Sonia your the bomb. Love your sense of style. Lina i think your a badass. Matt i think your a cowardly dumbass that only stands up for urself if the person is smaller then you. Never seen you try and fight with anybody bigger then you. U are so annoyin on the show. It would be better if you werent on it!!! Sorry!! Yall are the best. Cant wait to watch it next week. Be safe and watch for all the idiots out there. LOVE YALL. FROY UR SO SEXY!!!!!!!!!!

  9. John says:

    Hey love the show but matt needs to calm down. If somebody lays a finger on him he just wants to lay him out so calm down

    Semper Fi

  10. John says:

    Hey like the show but matt needs to be calm
    Semper Fi lou

  11. John says:

    Like the show

  12. MARIA FROM NM says:

    YOU GUYS ROCK!!!!!! My son and I watch you guys all the time. He is the one who started making watch your show now I can not stop. I go to college and believe me when your show is on (Everything Stops) until after your show is over you guys stay safe and god bliss you guys
    A big HELLO from New Mexico yes we are still part of the USA
    please let Froy know that he is HOT

  13. John says:

    Hey love the show i hope to see beter episodes.

    Semper Fi

  14. Angel says:


  15. Michelle Lee says:

    I just wanted to say awsome job. I just saw the episode where you came across the car that had a bomb under the hood. I sat there thinking to myself that maybe this guy who owned the car was trying to set someone up. He probably hated someone so bad that he would actually go far as letting someone use his car and blow it up. Man… I have to got say that looked like the scariest moment that you and your family had to come across. I felt scared for you. I would also like to say that you may have saved someone’s life and I thank you for that. So did that guy ever get locked up? I don’t think that anyone had mentioned that.

  16. Doc Greene says:

    I am not sure who the former Marine or Marines are, but I am a former Recon Corpsman (3rd Recon Bn Okinawa) and a Retired Navy officer. I was also a Battalion Medical Officer for 3 years at Parris Island, SC. I love the show. I had my wife and kids watching it, and it is actually a chance to show my kids what happens when bills aren’t paid. thanks for the entertainment.

    r/doc greene

  17. val says:

    I love you guys! I feel like I’m with family when I watch u. At first I thought Sonia was weird, but I love Sonia she is sssooo awesome and has a crazy-cool personality. Lyndah your daddy’s baby girl…who doesn’t love that! Froy yummy….sorry sonia, but hey girl it is what it is he’s mellow and women love that! Matt your sweet just calm down and try not to provoke people with ankle bracelets. As for Lou, you teddy bear what’s not to Love….double yum! Keep up the great job….and while one of you is hooking up a car the other needs to be watching your back. I sure feel like I know all of you and you guys are the bomb! :-) Feel free to write me anytime…. God Bless you and take care. Valerie Quintana Your best Fan Ever

  18. Anna says:

    Oh my gosh i love this show!!!!! I watch it every time it comes on! Froy u r so ooooooooooo hot! Sonja love ya girl u dont takie no shit from noone lol! Lynda keep workin it girl. Matt chill out a little bit lol. Luis much much respect to ya dude!!!! YA’ll keep up the great work!

  19. Tom says:

    I forgot one thing. I love the show, my wife hates it. HA!! Really though, be safe and always watch out. There are crazies out there, so watch your back. Thanks for the entertainment.


  20. stephanie says:

    love your show! my dad and I don’t miss an episode. you guys are awesome!

  21. chrystal says:

    omg this show is so great.every body is awesome.froy you da man and sonja you da women.some times i laugh my butt off.its so funny when the people say they paid their payment. nope dont think so or you guys wouldnt be out there repoing their property.i hate it when they think they can lie and tell you ”I JUST PAID IT” what ever thats why you guys hook it up and drive away.keep the show rolling my i can keep rolling laughing at them idiots. THIS SHOW ROCKS

  22. chrystal says:

    rock on i love watching this, my 9 year old daughter,and my husband try and never to miss the show unless were not around a T.V. its so awesome.people act so stupid and its funny when you all drive away in there vehicles.

  23. John says:

    I would like to say I think matt is a punk. That dude has no clue how to fight nothing but a meat head.

  24. bob23 says:

    the guy who was talking about the tempermant problem about matt its not his nature to sit back and watch he is trying to protect his crew and his family i would if i wass him even if i end up getting fired i know i got fired protecting my crew and family that is why he keeps getting fired but lue has a good heart and hires him back always matt is there for protection and to help he is a good person he isnt all bad he also has a good heart. thx for reading this.

  25. Isabel Anne says:


    I so enjoy watching your show. I must admit that I think Lou is HOT and so full of love for his family. Wish more men were like that and not ashamed to show their love. If I lived in California I would be trying to met you and see if there is any magic between us. You are so nice.

    Your new Secret Admirer (well, not so secret now :-) )


  26. Aimee says:

    YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST i run to my mothers house just to watch your show because i dont have cable at my house yet… i wish i new where you guys were located because i would get a car and not pay just so you could come repo it, but i wont give you a hard time i just want a hug.. i know you probably get 1000 messages like this a day but i hope i stand out… if you are ever hiring i would love to be apart of your team :) in my dreams i know but you guys are the best… lyndah, you are awesome lol your atittude reminds me of myself, i love how you dont let any man disrespect you.. a lot of young girls probably look up to that… and your daddy right there to back you…your on top of your game n i totaly think you should to talk your dad into finding me and giving me a shot to be on your team :) froy you are just a sweet heart right to the point, and you are very handsome :) big papa lue n sonya you guys dont play no games n i love it… matt your a hott head but i love you too… your the muscle n i think you keep the team feeling safe but sometimes you go overboard just relax a little bit… the show wouldnt be the same without you!!!! i am your #1 fan i would love to be a repo woman!!
    much love n support
    Aimee :)
    oh PS who ever that dude is that look like a doped out hippy KICK HIS ASS TO THE CURB HE IS LAME… the site of him pisses me off… he is a PUNK!! n needs his ass beat lyndah you shoulda slapped the taste out of his mouth!! :)

    anyways you guys are the best stay safe best of luck

  27. chris steinert says:

    hey you guys rock. matt i wish i was like u. u dont take shit from no 1. i watch ur show daily and i love it. it would be kool to hear from u. i just wish i could join ur crew. lately ive had bad luck. well email me at drove careful and be safe.

  28. Rick Mackin says:

    Should have been mat to go to the motorcycle shop to repo the motorcycle. So he could see what bad mother scratchers are like. Instead of that fake way how he acts all bad. Cause you see how he wimped out before the cops got there.

  29. Maria says:

    I just wanted to say to Froy you are great and I am very upset I seen that
    you got beat up. I just want to say I hope you are feeling better. I love your

    Thank you,


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