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Operation Repo
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want to write to us?!


send to 233 n. maclay ave

san fernando ca 91340

you can write to whoever you want here at operation repo. mail checked by yours truly. We all here at Operation repo look forward to hearing from you.


179 Responses to “want to write to us?!”

  1. Don Call says:

    hey just wanna say over the WWE that operation repo is my all time favorite show. i always look forward to the show even the repeats cause they are still good. you guys should have a contest to let 1 of your fans go on the show on a repo. Also i dont have to worry about you guys comming to repo my car i make the payments on time every month. lol

  2. Marine Wife says:

    Hey Guys ,
    I want to tell you my hubby who is a Marine for 10 years now and still currently serving and I love your show .. You guys are great . I just watch the episode with the guy who had a seizure and I thought to myself how great you all handled the situation.Thank you guys for bringing us such a great show .. oh one more thing tell Matt to chill a bit he making an ass of himself and you all… other then that you are all great.. Semper Fi …

  3. shawn cook says:

    lou like yor show i am a big fan shawn

  4. Jenna says:

    I just want to say that I love the show. It really is the only thing that gets me excited, not in that way though. I really like the whole cast. Lately, the only reason why I watch the show is because of Froy. I have the hugest crush on him. He is so cute and he seems like such a nice guy. I would give anything to meet him. I actually got my mother into that show as well and she thinks that Froy is absolutely adorable too. As long as Froy is on the show, I will certainly keep watching it.

    Jenna from Milwaukee, WI

  5. jeff says:

    I WAS WONDERING IF YOU GUY’S ARE HIRING I WOULD LOVE TO HELP YOU GUY’S OUT I LIKE YOUR SHOW I WATCH IT EVERY DAY.your show is good do you really repo car’s and what company do you work for.

  6. Juan says:

    Hey, I wish you guys would come and Reposes my car one day.
    it will be Awsome

  7. Serena says:

    I have many questions. Are ALL your repos court ordered? Or do the orders come straight from the financial institute? What makes it legal for you to approach someone & physically restrain them from the vehicle? I know laws are different from state to state.

  8. Anthony says:

    hey lou,matt,froy,sonia and lina your show is awesome i dont watch much t.v. but your ahow is the bomb i watch it every monday night and it kinda makes me want to go into the repo business it looks entertaining.

  9. Gary says:

    love your show, haven;;t laughed that hard in a long time. where can I buy some of your merchandise, t-shirts, hats ect…. keep it real

  10. Rhonda says:

    I love you Froy!!!

  11. Rhonda says:


  12. michael says:

    mat think he is hard tell him to come to ct i do not like him at all ps hi lyndah

  13. jackie says:

    u r looking fine as hell froy….love ya

  14. Bob says:

    Semper Fi.

  15. Ruby says:

    Love the show. Never miss it. I think Lou is one tough dude. Love the way he stands up for his family and also his work family. Have a nice day. Ruby

  16. Michelle says:

    Hey Froy, I just saw the show with the bikers. I hope you are doing good. Be safe All Of You!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope they got in big trouble, the ASS HOLES!!!!!!!

  17. Analicia says:

    hey guys i love the show…i hope everythings going well
    ..Sonia your so kool :)


  18. hey you guys i really like the show me and my older brother get together and bbq well you guys are on so im always wathing you guys the best out off you guys is froy and lyndah no disrespect but my girl gets hurt when i tell her i like you and that you look gorgues well gots to go get back to me if you can you guys be safe and god bless

  19. Barbara Tarango says:


    i love the show operation repo, Your the main reason I watch the show!! hey you think if i get a car and not pay it,would you come repo it from me youself? :)

    xXoOxOx Love you froy,

  20. Nichole says:

    Hey this is the best show on tv…. Love you guys and the chemistry you all have together, Keep up the GREAT work….

  21. Tammie says:

    Ok, I enjoy the show but Matt can be a bit bothersome. Lyndia thinks her shit don’t stick! And Froy how could you been married to Sonia for 10 yrs? U 2 just seemed it b a diff. Lou ur the man!

  22. adrienne says:

    Guys! I love your show.. I watch it as often as i can catch it.. I have a question… I am a convicted felon, i have looked into being a bail bonds person but i read that its hard to find a company willing to work with a felon.. Is it the same for repo? I think i would be great for it. Please get back to me.. Keep up the good work!!!!

  23. Cherie says:


  24. Hue Somo says:

    Hey guys, love your show. Don’t let knuckle heads make you feel bad about your job. It is a much needed occupation. I wish I could do a ride along like you guys had the other day.

  25. Hank says:


    Just wanted to give you a shout out from Devil Dog Brew, I was channel surfing with my sons and came across Operation Repo for the first time and was completely entertained. Then I saw the EGA Productions credit and knew I had to drop you a line.

    As a mustang that had his first tour en Panama back in the late 80’s it was interesting to see that you started with this in Spanish.

    I’ll have to check more of your shows out and see if you are coffee drinkers.

    With Utmost Respect ~ Semper Fi, Hank
    Major, USMC (Retired) – Owner/Founder Devil Dog Brew & Sniper’s Brew

    El arbol de la libertad debe ser regado con la sangre de los patriotas de vez en cuando. – Thomas Jefferson

    “Aggressive fighting for the right is the noblest sport the world affords.”
    - President Theodore Roosevelt

    Beso a Sonia y Lyndah

    Luis, Froy & Matt – siguen buscando tus sueños

  26. I think the show”operation repo” is a great show I just wish it was on more days a week the guys in the show deserve the show to be aired more than it is!!!
    I LOVE Matt especially, he is great looking and does not take nothing from nobody no matter how big or tall and I love that besides he is FINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    please put the show on moer nights aweek pleeeeease??!!!!!!!!

    I look forward to watching EVERY SINGLE EPISODE when you do air it more too!!!!

    “WE LOVE YOU,MATT!!!!!!!

  27. GySgt. JacksonRet. says:

    Hey guy Keep on rock’in the repo’s. I am an avid fan and a former Marine myselfI use to repo back before I went into the Corps myself. I would love to come hang out with you all for a day and even maybe a ride along, but I wont pull that crap the little guy did. Anyway Semper Fi do or die.


  28. Rhonda says:

    My whole family watches your show every monday and we love it. its amazing how many stupid people actually try and give you guys a hard time. Sonia you are awesome!! Love the way you handle every situation you are in. You are definitely my fams favorite:)

  29. jackie says:

    luv you guys!!!!!

  30. Garry says:

    Love the show, I’ve been a repo man for a long time in NYC and I can relate
    but you know and I know that matt does not have the right temperament for
    the job. I know he provides some security but more embarrassment than
    anything.Hey Matt grow up,your going to get someone hurt or killed. NYC would
    eat you alive your first night.I love the crew but I don’t like you.You need
    500 milligrams valium or a 24 hour enema with 60% thorazine.I know you love
    the camera and being on TV,but you are a moron!

    I do love guys— matt TAKE THE TRAIN
    Garry Sellersville PA

  31. danny hernandez says:

    i want to know what happends to the peoplewho pull out guns on you guys.i just want to thank you guys for this great show.and tell matt to stop pissing in his pants lol,our the best bro,matt.

  32. lyn says:

    i want u guys to know we never miss a show, its a great reality show. we luv sonja, she’s a trip and a badass. matt is funny and a hothead, luis u truly luv and protect your family. lyndah your professional and beautiful, hope u have a great guy in your life. froy there is something about u that is so attractive. u have this sweetness and sincerity about u, u need to raise your standards on what kind of women u like cuz u seem to want any that are not ugly. i don’t want u to end up with a lifetime itch. that new guy with the beard and shades adds to the show, he has an odd sence of humor and fits in great with all your personalities. continued success and be safe.

  33. austin says:

    yeah just to let everyone know if u carefully read and examine these comments u will realize most if not all r also fake!!!! Dummies!

  34. Amy Dudley says:

    i just want to say that i think Luis is the bomb. i love ya are one crazy sexy guy.

  35. Krystal says:

    Hey to all the crew!
    I absolutely love the show! I watch it every night it is on with my boyfriend! It is our all time favorite show. Everyone is absolutely amazing!! Keep up the good work guys! <3

  36. JASON says:

    what’s up sonia i think your hott and a badass dressed in all jet black all the time not to meantion your a cutie anyways i love your sense of humor and how your always giving froy a hard time as well as to how you bug matt just for the fun of it my old lady say you remind her of her late mother your looks your attitude and your ways ps tell lynda i said whats up ps. sonia if you ever get bored with your little man my lady will let you borrow me for a night and evening you will truly never forget ps. could i get an autographed photo of you i’m truly your bigest true fan my name is jason farley i live at 12851 w. buckeye rd. apt. 221 avondale arizona 85323 thank you jason

  37. Stacy says:

    By the way I also love your show and please don’t get rid of Matt I think he is great! I watch the show every time it is on I just wish it was on more as well. I wish they played it every night Mon-Fri. But I really do want to watch the movie that is why I wrote the comment above as well. Your show is the greatest and it is really the only time I watch TV anymore no other show can compare to yours. You guys should really do more ride along well with fans that listen. I would love to ride along on one of your repo’s especially if Matt is there (Wink, Wink). Love you guys.
    P.S. Matt you are the coolest guy ever and you are fuckin smokin

  38. Al Cook says:

    I must say, since this show has been broadcast in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, I have actually scheduled my service calls/business around the hours of this show on TV.

    It’s FN great, Matt is my favorite character and the whole show is amazing.

    Great Show and would love to see it continue in the years to follow

    Channel 58 (OLN) on Rogers Cable GTA Toronto area must watch

  39. Gary Carmack says:

    To the Repo Crew.

    Hello I just wanted to say I love your show. Yall are awesome I know for sure not to put up any fus if yall come for my truck which is paid off lol :D . And to Lou I hope I spelled that right Semper Fidelis I am 21 years old and I leave for Parris Island on June 1 I can’t wait. And to the rest of the crew god bless and GIT-R-DONE take care


  40. Karen says:

    just got the show in canada i few months ago love it… and lou… you are way sexier than froy any day ;)

  41. vincent says:

    hey guy its vincent from canada and im a big fan of your show i find that you guys are realy brave at doing your kind of job also matt that has been shot at and that has got realy bad stuff happening to him during your show go guys your the best.

    (lue,matt,linda,froid,and sonia)good job

  42. vincent says:

    hey guys im from canada and im a big fan of your show and I would like to say that you guys are realy brave and that you are cool happy birthday to matt late and hope his better after that big noise he got in his ears and after he couldnt hear much hes tuff you guys are like a rolmodel for me and it is some thing that pushes me to be a repo guy and get paid well and not just a pizza guy or someone that sells drugs in the streets you guy are cool. I hope i could build up a team smart and good like you guys which they will always know what they are doing thanks guy for making me want to be a repo guy even more.
    (matt’froid,lyndah,luis, and sonja). you are all the best talk about my message on the show tonight cause i want to know how you guys feel about this letter it means alot to me and i never missed a show

  43. Ethan DeGonia says:

    Hey guys I’m a poolee in the DEP program for the Marine Corps Until March 1 just randomly found your show think its great I love watching the stupidity of so many people lol. It was an added Bonus to find out Lou was in the Corps. You all are a cool crew and are good at what you do. Lyndah your great you and your dad seem to go in with a cool head and can handle prety much any situation until they mess with your fam and I think thats awesome. Well im out.

    Semper Fi

  44. Orlando says:


  45. AnthonyL says:

    iiiiiiiiiiiii problaly the biggest fan here i saw the premire and continue to see it until i die my favorite character is matt dont worry froy you to continue on your career is dangerous and addicted

  46. J says:

    Lou, Sonya, Lyndah, Froy & Matt….you guys are awesome! If you’re looking to take on a hard working intern. I’d appreciate the opportunity. Not asking to be on the show or anything. I don’t mind being the behind the scenes dude that helps keep things running smoothly. If you want to run with the big dogs…..train under the big dogs. I hope to hear back from you. If not thanks for taking the time to read my post. X Peace & blessings

  47. Lee says:

    I have been watching since day one I have only missed one week due to moving and the cable people take to long to get u reconnected. lol Anyhow I love the show i make sure i am home to watch and im so glad i make my payments even though im to far for y’all to come get my truck but i would love to meet you the guys are really cute and i love the attitudes the women give back lol keep up the good job

  48. Pat Harmer says:

    Hey whats up guys. Just wanna say that I really enjoy watching your show. I’m a Marine living in San Diego. I love the way Matt handles his business. I think he and i would get along just great. Anyway you guys do a great job and keep doing what you do. Take care

  49. MAR says:

    Matt, & the whole crew is awesome. Matt, I don’t believe you lot those hockey children do that to you. (ZAMBOUT)I would had that club hock wrapped around there legs & dragged them across the street with the truck. LOL


  50. cassie says:

    so when are episodes going to be released on dvd as well as the movie??? my hubby is in afganistan and he loves this show as do I. the only tv he can watch is on his computer so i would love to send him the videos. maybe you could release some in the next year….please! thanks for the entertainment never a dull moment ! love you all

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