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want to write to us?!


send to 233 n. maclay ave

san fernando ca 91340

you can write to whoever you want here at operation repo. mail checked by yours truly. We all here at Operation repo look forward to hearing from you.


179 Responses to “want to write to us?!”

  1. Stephen says:

    Hey guys, I love coming home Mondays and watching your show its truley the best!!! i love the episode of the FAKE A$$ Marine!!!!!!! you guys rock, wish i was on the show too lol….. OORAH

    Sgt. Mcknight 3rd Btn 1st Marines, Lima Co WPNS Plt… Veteran.

  2. Lucy says:

    Hi guys from Operacion Repo, first of all I want to say, I am a huge fan of your show. Its Great! But I want to say that Sonya, Is AWESOME I love her. And Froy, if you are smart you will get back with Sonya cause she is the Ultimate !!! for real Sonya Girl You do the damn thing!!! Froy is fine, Luis is even more FINE!! Matt is ok and Lyndah your just cute as a button. Keep up the good work your all great. My entire family and my kids just love your show.

  3. Sylvia says:

    First off bill Matt is not a punk.Second off I love you guys shows you are great.I think all of you are good people keep up the good work!! I was getting into the repo buisness until I had a bad wreck in 2002.Left me disabled but thank god I am still here!!! Love you guys and please tell Matt he can write me any time.I see him and I think I am in love!!!! I can’t miss one single show.Be careful all of you, good luck and God Speed,Sylvia

  4. stevie the bull says:

    Yo Lou, OOH-RAH DEVIL DOG.. great show, great cast. Matt we need to repo one together, we’d kick some punk ass. keep up the good work, ever in Boston drop an e-mail, we’ve def gatta hook up for a few pops. SEMPER FI MY BROTHER!!!!!

  5. Michelle says:

    The show is cool but can I ask you a weird question. Your dad is the owner right? Luis has the best haircut, can you please tell me the name of his haircut? I want this style for my 9month old son.

  6. Rita says:

    I don’t watch too much tv but I love your show! Do you guys do your own PI work? I’m just curious…is Froy remarried? Very charismatic.
    Good luck!

  7. Talina says:

    Hi Lyndah. First I just wanted to say that my husband and I are huge fans of the show. We never miss an episode. :)

    On that note I was wondering if your dad is looking to expand his team? Both my husband and I would love to work with you guys. We are both Marines. I did 4 yrs and got out in ‘07 and he’s about to get out in a few months. (Both honorable discharges). We’re living in Temecula right now by the way.

    I actually have some repo experience. Back before I joined the military I was my dad’s wheel man. He repo’d 18 wheelers, trailers and all kinds of heavy equipment. We were based out of Pittsburgh, Pa (my home town) but we went as far west as Indiana, North to New York, East to Jersy, and south to Kentucky & Virginia. We worked in the snow and rain.

    Please let me know what you think or if you have any suggestions as to how we could get into the business. You can contact me through my email or myspace profile

    Thanks for your time.


    Talina Altman

  8. Mac says:

    just wanted to say howdy

  9. Jeff says:

    I’M A HUGE FAN OF THE SHOW! I watch the show from my home in Orlando Florida and I am in California for a couple of days and would like to come and meet the crew and get a picture & autographs. I will be here until Thursday morning. May I come over? I will need an address to put in my GPS and I will come when it’s convenient. I won’t stay long, just want something really cool to hang on my office wall.

  10. gary moore says:

    I’m 101st airborne, 3rd/187th infantry, Echo Co./Vietnam 69-71. are a true soldier. You are honest, respectful and very capable in the face of adversity.
    Matt is your weak link.

  11. Timmy says:

    you should do a episode of all the steps to the repo prosses, like where you take your car you repoed

  12. Jim says:

    Just out of curiosity what would a personal repo cost I’d like to talk to someone about possibly doing one for my Daughter.

  13. Dane says:

    Hey, love to show. I am wondering how I can get a hold of Operation Repo: The Movie, is it out yet?

  14. trkdaddy says:

    hey just wanted to say lou is my hero…im 36 and didnt have a hero until i saw your show…lou is the man he has got snap in everything he does..i also think you other guys are great,but not like lou your show is kwel

  15. Andrew says:

    Hey everybody whats up?
    i love the show i watch it on TruTv the whole time.
    i was wondering how old do i have to be in order to work with you guys because i would love to take other peoples car and i wouldnt care and stand up to there bullsh**.
    Ill take the car no matter what.
    I would really love to work with you guys and girls please respond back on how old i need to be thank you.

  16. K.Semper says:


    I can’t believe I haven’t watched your show earlier!!! I love everyone on it!!!! I am pregnant and my baby keeps kicking while I am watching the show! Do you ever go to San Diego????

    You know how Matt points his finger while he is trying to be stern??? I do that, too, when I catch kids stealing in my store!!! hehehehe!!!!

    Please, take care all of you! Be safe and God Bless!!!!

  17. Steve says:

    A shout out to Luis, Sonyah, Lyndah, Froy and Matt..You guys rock..I did Repo work in New York in hardcore areas..I watch your shows every week…Lyndah I think you rock,Sonyah your a blast,..Froy your a cool dude bud and Da big man is quick with that pepper spray..Matt….Dude stop getting Luis pissed bra lol…..I know the saying all too well..IT AIN’T NO JOKE IF YOU DONT PAY THAT NOTE*****YEAH…..PEACE,LUV AND RESPECT.


  18. George says:

    Love the show and crew, you all wake up night time tv. thanks and keep it up.

  19. William says:

    Matt is awesome. My wife does not like him but oh well. I am a SGT in the army and if I worked with Matt I’d back him like a fellow soldier. I’d back the others too.


  20. joel says:

    so i love the show…but matt needs to step the shit up and quit gettin punked on and quit picken on the lil guy knock a big dude out when he gets in ur face instead of the opposite..but the show is the shit

  21. Josh B. says:

    Hey My wife and I love your show. We watch all the time. Matt remindes us of our uncle Neil he looks and acts exactly like him. Thanks for all the laughs!!!

  22. Lcpl Ventris says:

    Hey Luis, i am contacting you on here to see if u need another hand on the show. I am a Former Marine, I was 03 Infantry stationed in San Diego, i was a Brown belt in Mcmap which is (Marine Corps Martial Arts) i also know my line moves, i am a Blue belt in Brazilian Jujitsu. and have wrestled for 12 years. I have done personal protection before as well as security armed and unarmed. i thought i would just e mail u and see. whats the worst that you would say is no right? so let me know.. you have my e mail address

  23. Lcpl Ventris says:

    TEUFEL HUNDEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. Shalone says:

    Hey Crew,

    I never watched the show until last yr my husband was getting deployed and Sonya was at his military unit. When i posted the deployment pics on my myspace one of my friends noticed her from the show. From that day forward ive been hooked. Do you guys have family that deployed last yr? What a coincidents that Sonya was there and standing right next to me. Anyways keep up the good work and keep the show rolling. Much love and respect to you all. OH and LUIS THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE!!

  25. froy lover says:

    this is like the best freckin show i have ever seen. oh and froy you r so hott when you do those repos. i was wondring how old is ur son matt is so kewl LOVE ALL YA’LL CUZ YOU SO KEWL

  26. I love watching Operation Repo. My favorites are Froy, Sonia and Lyndah. I like Sonia because she looks very pretty. I like Lyndah because she’s very smart. Froy I like the most because he looks absolutely so cool.

  27. David says:

    I love the show its great I watch it every time it comes out on TRU TV. Where can I get Operation Repo: The Movie at, or is it out already?

  28. emily garza says:

    hey luis love your tv show its awesome your such a cutie your repo team is koool im a big fan !!!

  29. Gina says:

    Me my hubby and our kids like to sit down and watch it together
    so we record on the DVR
    we love Soyna [her say it as it is , and spunk love her !!]
    the whole show and crew are great
    where can we get the movie?

  30. andrew says:

    hey you guys are amazing you guys have real guts to do what you guys do i really appreciate that you guys risk your lives to repo cars i hope you never quit and what you do best peace out

    andrew 14 years old

  31. Hello to all of the cast. I go buy annie at home. The one most thing i like about operation repo is NO matter what happens you all stick together like family’s should. Thanks to your show my nephue and I are are much closer now.. He comes over allmost every monday night to watch the show together. thanks to all. you all are in my prayers.. Sincerly Annie

  32. Juan Zuniga says:

    Dear Louie, Froy, Lyndah, and Sonia,

    I feel bad about Matt losing his job, and I was wondering what is going to happen to him. I have a bad feeling that it will not be the same thing over and over. It won’t be Operacion Repo without Matt. Matt is part of your family, because familes stick together. I like Matt and he is the coolest guy in the repo team. I just saw the last repo that Matt made but, it was trashed. He got lucky that the cameraman was not hurt and the police was not there, because if the cops was there, Matt would got arrested. This will cause a catrastophe for the team. I wonder what is going to happen to Operacion Repo without Matt, but I am going to still watch your show and I am still a Operacion Repo Fan. I wish Matt good luck and if Matt was reading this, Matt it is not the end of the world, there are solutions to life. I feel sad and bad for right now. I will see you show on Monday to see what is going to happen after Matt.


    Juan Zuniga
    Operacion Repo Fan

  33. orlando says:

    i just wan to tell yall that u da shit just keep doin wat u doin sonia especially u u got everything a man would want
    ps-keep representin pr la isla del encanto borincen

  34. travis says:

    hey im a big fan of the show and in the future i want to become a repo man, so i can hang out with u guys and help u with ur amazing show.

  35. Denise says:

    Love your show. Froy, hope you are not hurting too bad after getting attacked by those bikers. Lyndah, there was nothing you could have done in a situation like that but call the police. Tonight’s show is a perfect demonstration of how dangerous a job all you guys have. Stay Safe!

  36. John from Vacaville says:

    My husband and I watched Operation Repo everytime. Tonight, during your assignment when Froy was assaulted I was afraid knowing that it was real. Though we were wondering if you were able to retrieve the motorcyle? Love your show.

  37. terrence nichols says:

    hey i just want to say that i hope froy gets well soon. My wife and i are heartbroken about what happend to froy. We are so used to seeing matt get beat up. The show is great and we enjoy watching it. Maybe u can look into getting a license to carry a pistol cause pepper spray sometimes don’t work. Keep up the good work and be safe.

  38. Louie says:

    I like your show,my son and i watch your show every monday,i have a question i saw one episode when Froy gets beatup by these biker guys,i hope Froy is ok,the queston is did those biker guys get arrested?Louie if you ever need any help let me know.

  39. Big Fan says:

    Froy, I was really sad to the see the epidose with the biker guys. You are too handsome to get into those situations. Hope you get well soon….as always great job to you and your team!!!

  40. @lison says:

    hey lyndah
    i saw the new episode where froy gets beat up i know u felt like u let him down but i think if u would have gotten out of the truck u most likely would have been hurt as well.
    well im 13 years old 14 on may 31 i live in beaumont ca not texas most people think that but its california. i think u are so tough and cool to be able to do what you. i think ur my role model. i want to graduate from college i will be the only one in my family. i want to be a vet of some job that will have action or something that envolves animal!! @lison

  41. Brian says:

    Get well soon Froy. Just saw the show.

  42. Aaron Swan says:

    Hey Guys my wife and i love the show we would really like a Autograph if you could do this it would be so cool !!! e-mail me if you can and were to send my address thanks you guys ROCK !!!!!! Aaron & Michelle Swan

  43. Cruzers says:

    First thing is we love love love your show we watch it every monday night! :) and if we do we always what the show we missed monday we watch it tuesday at 8 lol..keep up the good job guys, you all rock, froy is my favortie hes such a stud ;)

  44. Talisa says:

    Linda I love to see your dad he is so sexy to me.I only watch to see your dad and I love to hear his voice I see where you got your good looks from. Please tell your dad I said hello and I do worry about him on repos. Tell Froy and sonia to be nice to each other and tell Matt he is my hero.



  46. Lisa Stevens says:

    I hope Froy is over that biker attack. Idiots on Tru TV think you guys are actors and that Froy was wearing makeup. There are so many fake reality shows that people don’t know the difference.

    Love all of you guys because I hate dirt bags. Too many people want things for free these days and don’t want to work for it. Be careful out there! Big kiss to sexy Froy.


  47. Anne Noel says:

    Just wanted to let all you Cali boys and babes what it’s REALLY like in Colorado . . . no, it doesn’t rain and snow all the time . . . in fact we have more sunny days per year than Miami, FL . . . Right now it’s 60 degrees — y’all would likely freeze, but it will be back in the 70’s and 80’s in a few days. WE do have at least a dozen days every suymmer over 100, but it’s not like Arizona or Nevada.

    We all love you guys, and are huge fans of the show and all of you. Godspeed and bless you all, and get them repos! Anne

  48. Aaron says:

    I love your show!! Matt to me makes the show. We sit down as a family and watch your show every week. Sonia is jealous of Froy!!! I hope your ok Froy hang in there. Matt use the bathroom befor you go out to repo man. I hope your show stays on for a long time!!!

  49. Hey guys my son and I love the show and I really want to know what is going to happen to that jackass who hit my homie Froy. Please let me know details because i think you could make another show that details the arrest that come as a result of the repo….Hey Matt keep putting those dukes up…Lewey your a great boss….FYI that is my sons name also….Later…

  50. michelle chavez says:


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