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Welcome to the New Site!

I am pleased to introduce to you, our brand spankin’ new website at!

We’ve been working on this new concept for quite some time and are happy to finally have the development phase completed, and we’re gonna entertain the hell outta you with this new site:
• Some of the major stars from our shows will be posting on the blog (here) regularly: Text and photo entries
• We’ll be constantly loading new videos into our site’s main page
• Much more… (We’ll keep you posted)

Please feel free to subscribe to our e-newsletter and share our site with your friends! We will be updating the site regularly. :-)

74 Responses to “Welcome to the New Site!”

  1. diane says:

    fisrt time watchin all i can say iz yall have my attencion this is the best show after a hard dayz work aint no one straight pimpin but yall gimme more!

  2. John says:

    Great show guys. First time I have ever watched it and full of amazing footage, real life drama and all acton packed. Just watched the show with the BMW flipped over and you had me glued to the TV.

  3. gwen says:

    This is the best show on TV!! Love you guys!!

  4. hotrodddg19 says:

    Wow you guys have it all when it pertains to entertainment. I’m hooked!!
    I’m a pretty harsh critic of reality shows. Aside from American Chopper, I haven’t seen a more entertaining show than yours.
    You guys were actually a topic in a conversation that I had with a bunch of high school friends from the class of 81. We cracked up for an hour about Sonia and her crazy outfits, Froy with his antics and Matt for being a Knucklehead. Lou is my favorite when he starts dowsing people with pepperspray.
    Keep it coming. My family and I love every episode that you bring.
    A fan.

  5. Mendy says:

    Just wanted to say I love you show and I love to see Froy! He’s so cute…

  6. Maureen says:

    My fiance and I are addicted to the show. Thanks! You guys are awesome…be careful…there are so many crazy people out there!!! We love you!

  7. Mary says:

    Love the show, the repo personal are real people, not pretty, not rail thin, just
    ordinary people whom you can relate to. I have been sick, putting in long hours
    at work and ready for bed, flipping through channels and bammm here it is,
    Operation Repo ws on, I perked right up, the show made me laugh, and then it
    made me say, “oh no he didn’t” the next thing I knew it was midnight and the
    darn show got me all pumped up, it was hard to go to sleep. Well, love the show,
    love seeing the people, rich or poor yelling, “IT’S A MISTAKE” when you know the
    deadbeats did not pay their bills. I actually use that line in my line of work, if a
    customer does not pay their bill, their belongings get sold at auction, I use the line
    if this was a car, it would have been repoed already.

  8. Janet says:

    You guys rock. I love the show. I am a huge fan. Just be careful. I just watched the newest show tonight with the bikers, and when that happened I cried. Froy I wish I would have been there, I would have beat some people down. I hope you are ok. You are a sexy beast. Anyway I love all you guys and love the show. My hours changed at my job so now I am home to watch the show on Monday instead of having to wait to see it. So happy.

  9. Katie says:

    I love the show!! I am addicted to Froy he is the sexiest man on tv. Froy if you ever come to NJ look me up.

  10. travis ross says:

    awsome show. makes me wanna be a repo man.
    ooh-rah devil dog

  11. i am in love with this show! i never miss it. everyone on the show is great, but my two favorite are, sonia and froy. i know they still have some feelings for eachother, it would be so great if they get back together. u go sonia!

  12. Christian says:

    All I wanted to know is what happened to Froy???????????????????????

  13. Sherry A Smith says:

    You guys are the greatest! Although my car is up for repo, right now! ( the economy is terrible right now!) I am in Texas; it’s hot and i am too big to be on the bus! I have to just say that today i viewed the episode i like to call ” A TRIBUTE TO MICHAEL JACKSON” Oh my gosh! the dorlinda or whatever that cars’ name was. Looked liked a car from back to the future! That guy kicked Matt! we watched your show July 14, 2009. I just wanted to know did you guys film that the week Michael Jackson died? Was this guy for real? Dancing, and moonwalking, and singing like Michael! We laughed so hard at that guy! Even his attire, the belt, the flooding pants, the penny loafers, the loud white socks, and the curl! wow!!!! you guys are awesome. Hey Matt, How are you! Sonia! you my girl! Froy you are such a HOTTIE, I’m not Asian, but I like your style, Lou you are a cutie as well, and Lynda make sure they always remember you are Daddy’s Little Girl!

  14. Louis Beenavente says:

    I Love your show, all of you are great!
    How do I go about getting an autographed card?
    Please send me the answer via my E-mail.

  15. NancyAnne says:

    OMG..I love you guys!! I never miss your show! Love Matt! one thing tho, if Frankie is going to be part of the show, he has to muscle up, get a shitload of tattoos and shave his head!

  16. letty says:

    Just want to say i love the show its so awesome…i also love seeing froy too!

  17. wendy says:

    Hey guys,
    Our family loves your show. But I have to say–Froy you are hot. Too bad I’m married. Luis–you are the strongest man on the show. Matt—you look tough, but you act like a baby and that’s way you can’t get a girl. You should take lessons from Sonia. She’s tough and gets the job done.

  18. ron says:

    Froy and Matt need to show Sonia more respect.She is there boss.If i were her i would fire them.Shes the one that spotted that new guy being a drunk.Sonia Rocks!!

  19. Terrence Blanchette says:

    My wife Bonnie and I have watched every show, since the first one, and we found them interesting and its amazing how people fight for anything that’s up for repo, we’re glad to see that Lu and Froy doing well, from their encounters with extremely aggresive people that had no right assaulting the team, my wife and I always enjoy watching the operation repo, all we have to say is go operation repo, we’re big time fans of the show

  20. MINDY says:

    I watch the show everyday its on. I stay fathful to it. Froy and Sonia are my favorite, Froy you are very good looking you r my favorite, Sonia you are just great with your i dont care what people think of me attiude cause im the same way. The rest of the team you are all great. Keep doin what you do i will never miss a show unless its an emergerency. Froy stay the way you are HOTT AND GOODLOOKIN, Sonia dont ever change.

  21. john rosales says:

    i love watching your show its different.i have a question why dones matt keeps getting his ass kick.and another is he on the juice he has a really bad attiuted and anger problmes.

    and i would like to know how to be repo man.

  22. HART to HART says:

    I just watched the episode where the 2 guys have a Handicapped mini-van
    but one guy is just pretending that he has a missing leg. The Boss was feeling sorry for them and was just about to Leave when the amputee’s brother
    picks a fight with the Boss’s daughter, the amputee suddenly stands up and
    wants to fight the Boss. The Boss defends his daughter and himself and later calls the Police on them.

    I just wanted to say that the BOSS should be given the Father of the Year Medal . Anyone would be proud to have him for a Father.
    Sincerely, HH.

  23. Becky says:

    was watching your show the other day and the tatoos are so pretty. When are you coming to El Paso? the peloncito that does the tatoos is so cute. I would like another tatoo so hope you think bout coming to el paso.

  24. becky says:

    I love the show and watch it every week.Its the best.

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