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Operation Repo
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Repo Crew on The Today Show

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8 Responses to “Repo Crew on The Today Show”

  1. Hi,

    Would you ever think of taking your show on the road? I mean going from state to state and do repossessions. this would really make the show even cooler. Oh yeah, Mattt, you are kinda cool but, Froy i the man!!!! he gets the chicks and knows how to handle every situation.

  2. kyla says:

    i love ur show and never miss an episode but man matt u need to stand on ur feet more such small things shouldnt knock a man of ur size down sooooo often

  3. jody says:

    love you guys matt your my fav only thing is you should make your show an hour insted of 30 min too short for a hit show matt you should get your own t shirts lol or beaters with your name on it and maybe a fist pix on the back that would sell

  4. brad says:

    Hey i’m from canada and watch operation repo on oln. man i have been hooked on ur show since i first started watching . keep up the great work from ur #1 canadian fan

  5. Destini says:

    Hey i really love watching this show. matt is a great protectior and looks out for his crew. froy you are just so hot and i would love to hook up with you. i love everyone on this show. sonia i know you would not mind me hooking with your ex froy he is so fine and seems like a real great guy.

  6. richard says:

    semper fi……devil dog……i truely love the eagle globe and anchor and your show is excellent as well . props for all the hard work.

  7. Suzy says:

    Love the show, but most of all, I appreciate the respect and concern that you, Lou, always show for your familia, and always protect them from harm. I always respect you for being a Vet as my pop was in the Marines in WW2. I have his pic hanging in my home in uniform. He looks so handsome like you in your uniform. Tell Lynda that I think she is a beautiful girl. Froy is a cutie, Matt is radical and needs to chill before he has an on-screen heart attack! Sonia is a lot like me. She is tough and don’t take no crap off anyone. I am a person who has to get the last word. I will continue to watch. Love you all!

  8. Hello Operation Repo.

    All I have to say is. I love your show. Keep em coming. You folks are truly great. And MATT. You dude are Awesome!

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